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Holding personal property after eviction

We are in Oklahoma and had to evict a tenant with the sheriff and the sheriff informed us that we had to hold all personal belongings for 30days and give the tenant a chance to pay what was owed to retrieve and after the 30 days we had to hold an auction to recover lost   income. the issue is : a neighbor has contacted us to inform us that his riding lawn mower is locked up in the garage can we give it to him if he can provide proof that it is his or do we have to hold it along with all the other belongings?  if it is his we don't think that he should be punished for what our tenant has doe.

If they can prove that it is theirs you must let them claim it.  Make sure that they show receipts and that you get a copy also notify the tenant that it was returned to the owner.
OK has a very liberal view of tenant rights obviously.  Can you add a storage fee to a judgement?
my sister and her husband have some land and they had a tenant that was living on the land in a mobile home they have since moved and left the mobile home there on the property and they have no forwarding info or contact info as they left owing rent...what are their options and how long do they have to wait until they can seize the property for abandonment in the state of NM?
I'm sorry posted to wrong thread was trying to get an answer
Hi Terri.....just saw your post. I'd consider not giving neighbor the tractor. Unlike a registered vehicle, there is no registration.......True he may have a purchase receipt but he he still could have sold it.......If tenant claims its his, you have a he said-she said situation...... I would wait until you settled with tenant.
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