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How to evict for damages and not allowing to enter property for inspection

My husband and I have a tenant that is an absolute pig and the property is getting really tore up inside from what we can see through the sliding door and the outside looks like the city dump. We have let him know to clean this mess up 3 times and he hasn't taken care of it. We gave him a notice to inspect the property 48 hrs in advance and when we called to say we were on our way, he said he is not allowing us to enter without written notice. I know that we actually don't need written notice in AZ in order to enter but now I dont know what to do and how to get this non complying tenant out. He also has a pet in the home that he wont return my pet addendum paperwork for. Needless to say hes an absolute terrible tenant. What can I do now?
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EVICT!!!! It may be a start to a process that may take a bit of time but you will be grateful to get them out. Start with a notice to vacate, you will also need to file with your local court so that when the time comes you may need to have the authorities escort them out unless they leave themselves.
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