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Allowable deductions from security deposit?

Hi, first time landlords here. Our tenants moved out and left damage exceeding the security deposit -- stained carpet, mangled blinds, writing on the walls (the tenants had a toddler).  Our property manager has had to devote considerable time to dealing with the damage.  When we itemize costs in our claim against the security deposit, should we include the property manager's billable hours that were incurred due to the damage? I have searched and have not been able to find discussion of this in the forums or in Washington State law. Thanks in advance!
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From my experience you are all ready paying the property manager their time and fee to carry out the duties of the landlord. Not only should it be their responsibility to go after the tenant and handle the repairs the owner should not be pay more money to the property manager to do the job you initially agreed upon. Did you sign a contract with the management company? You should have and check it to see who is responsible for what. Never hire someone to do a job that you are going to have to do anyway.
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