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Should I send them a "Final Eviction Notice"

Recently, I filed for eviction on tenants that owe me over two months rent, plus eight months of penalties for being late, not to mention the fact that my PNC Landlord/tenant account was guarnished for a previous judgement they had which I can get back at the end of their lease with me if I can prove that they still owe me rent.  Can I still send them the notice of "Eviction Warning" since the Court Hearing is not until July 18th?  I just realized, after reading your forms, that I should have sent that to them "before" I filed for the eviction but I did not do that.  My question is this:  Can I still send them that notice and should I include the filing fee costs and the guarnishment of their security deposit?
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Yes you can use the security to cover legal fees and such and to start the eviction all notices should be sent or posted on the property.
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