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Damage to house and how to calculate deductions from deposit

I had tenants for 3 years in my condo. When they moved in, the Roman linen shades in the living area were in very good condition with only slight wear to a couple. Upon them moving out, two of the large Roman shades are permanently stained with chocolate milk, black marker, and large water stains (obviously from this woman erroneously trying to get stains out of linen).  Another large shade is torn at the base and the weighted rod is bent. Two more shades next to where her children ate have food stains across the bottom and are also torn at the base. There are other issues like large grease stains on the structure/balcony that cannot be removed. These tenants did not take care of the house -- it is negligence.  How do I calculate what I can charge them for replacing the blinds. If these blinds were in very good condition, without any stains or tears, upon move-in; can I charge them the total amount to replace the blinds? Or is there a calculation based upon the age of the blinds, regardless of what condition they were in upon move-in? I'm stressed over this as they're very self-righteous and aggressive. I want to be sure I know my legal rights before I do anything, as they're the type to call their lawyer.
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Your legal rights are to use the security deposit to repair and clean the house so that tenants are moving into a clean place and not a dump. Now 3 years is a longer lease so be sure to photograph everything to prove that it is beyond normal wear and tear. The court can't fight photographic proof. now as for how much to charge there are 2 ways to approach this one is the cost for repair to the shades and cleaning or total replacement.  Make sure that you get receipts and.or written quote for the cleaning of the property and any repairs needed. Let them call their lawyer they cannot fight physical proof.
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