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Tenant owes money

Someone please help.  My tenants moved out destroyed the house and is cost about $5000 to fix.  I sent them the invoice, move out inspections, and what they owe which is $2500.  They want me to send them a copy of the reciepts so they can decide what they should pay/not pay.  Do i have to do this? then they said they can handle it the legal way. Never had this problem before, what type of lawyer do I hire for this situation? I live two hours from them and work 6 days a week.  It would be hard to handle this close to them.

You should always have a document of the individual break down of the repairs made and cost deductions. Also if you look for a lawyer, most real estate lawyers would be able to answer any questions that you may have.
Get in touch with legal support on the matter. It sounds like things were left out of your lease and the tenants are trying ot take advantage of that.
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