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5 day notice

July 20th, 2014 I delivered by hand and mailed a 30 day notice to vacate at the end of August. August 31st 2014 to be exact. With the clause that says they are still responsible for August rent. August 6th came and went and nothing but they are still in my house. I called to ask if have intentions of paying the last month rent and said don't know and hung up. I am now preparing a 5 day Pay or Quit notice. so at  the end of the 5 days I can file the eviction notice.  If I get to this point after the 5 day notice, how long will the courts give for the be out and do I need to serve the 5 notice or just certified mail. please advise. I have never had to go through with the eviction but definitely capable.

You need to make sure that you submit a notice of service to the court for the first notices that you sent this will help you get the eviction done asap. The notices can be served by hand but get a copy of the notice signed.
You don't want this to be dragged out for months. Act now and act fast. Make sure all documents are filed in the court and you have everything available to ensure the eviction goes through.
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