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Eviction with or without an attorney?

I have recently posted several questions because I'm new to the market and want to learn as much as I can before I lease.  If worst comes to worst, and I would have to evict, Is it better just to use an attorney from the beginning?  Or can one do it alone?  I have read about the 3 day notices to perform/pay or quit, and waiting times, before actually beginning the process.  If an attorney is used, is the process shorter?  Or does it even matter?  Based on previous experiences from others out there, is it common to actually have to go through the courts (have you done it a lot?), or have most people resolved their issues by providing tenants with proper notices and them eventually complying or leaving?  Thanks--CA
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As long as you follow the correct steps for your state and by your local court house, have proof, photos and all of the proper paper work this can be done alone. If you have everything justifying the eviction the court will be on your side. You can always speak directly to the court to find out your local requirements.
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