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30 or 60 day notice?

We have a rental home in Tahoe. The tenant has been a full time tenant for eight years. We have had issues with maintenance of the property on behalf of the tenant not picking up waste from her animal.  We are planning to sell the property and did try to sell a couple of years ago with it occupied but the tenant wasn't working with us by showing the house and because of all there belongings in the front yard the house had horrible curb appeal. So we now want to put the house on the market and vacate the home so that we can move forward with cleaning up the property and selling and showing the home. We would like to give the tenant a 30 notice to vacate. Everything I have read indicates we should provide 60 days because they have resided in the home for more than one year. We had a one year lease in place and since that lease ended we have no lease in place and the tenant is on a month to month basis. We cannot again put the home on the market with it being occupied. What is your suggestion?
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Yes normally you would only need 30 days notice but because of the amount of time they have been a tenant your state may require the full 60 day notice. Check with your local housing authority on what they require, is the best bet.
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