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AZ Early Notice vs. When to Return Deposits/Rent due

Our tenant gave a 60 day notice on Feb 14th (which is what his Lease required).  However, they are vacating, and returning keys on Feb 7th.  They are financially responsible for the remainder of their lease term through April 14th, which they understand.  However, because they are vacating early, I am not certain when I must return their deposit;  14 days after the lease ends, or when they vacate?  Secondly, if we rent the property prior to April 14th, are we require to refund any rents they paid us through the end of their lease?  For example.. if someone moves in April 1st, are they still responsible for their April prorated rent because of the lease agreement they signed?

You would return their deposit at the end of the actual lease, which is April 14th.  They are responsible until the end of the lease then you would have the time from that point to return the deposit. This is good for two reasons. You can get in early and clean, you can easily show the house with out having to worry about the state of the apartment. If you happen to find another renter. You could get them to sign and pay security and then it may be possible to even return the deposit early.
So even though we rented the property, with a lease starting March 21st, we still have 14 days from April 14th (the end of the prior tenants lease) to return the deposit?  The 14 days didn't start when they handed over the keys to us on 3/9?  Also...  we charged a Cleaning Fee and a Pet Fee (both deemed as non-refundable).  Our tenants think we are supposed to deduct carpet cleaning and professional cleaning from these fees, NOT from the security deposit.  I can't find any ARS that says this, but did find something on stating we do...  I am confused.  Basically they move out.  Did not return the property to the condition it was rented to them in (which was spotless and yard manicured).  We have nearly $800 in damages paid out to get it back to their pre-rented condition, but they think the non-refundable fees help pay for this....
Also...  Do we need to refund  prorated March rent and dismiss April rent due, per the 60 day notice they were supposed to give us, since the new tenants moved in 3/21?
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