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Disabled and in a Rent Controlled Area

I live in Bell, California and I have Tenants husband and wife that I'm having problems with, They both belong to an Independent living/Supportive Living program. when they applied for the apt in May 2014 i was asking $975.00 Rent and $500. Security deposit, which i had lowered the Rent to $950. and the SD to $400.00, just for them because i was told they wanted to get out of her parents house cause his father in law did not like him. I also let them move in on May 30th (Friday) with just the $400.00 SD, and I also allowed them to pay me the rent on the 3rd of each month because that is when they get their money direct deposited. So they moved in on May 30th 2014 and paid the rent to me on June 3rd 2014. and the very next day he came and asked me if he could borrow some money, right then I knew i was in for it, i went in the apt last week and the carpet was destroyed with urine stains vomit that he just let stay and not clean up. His wife is in a wheel chair and as I'm typing this I could hear her Crying as she does at least twice a day if not more, he refused to shut his front door at all and my bedroom is right next to theirs and I could hear a pin drop from in there wall are very thin and I get woke up at least once or twice sometime more with the crying,screaming fighting you name it
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Number one call 911 if anything remotely criminal might be happening.  Then if they are destroying the house, late on rent or interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of any other neighbors you do have the right to evict them immediately. You may want to send a notice to quit or be evicted. If they do not comply within the notice time have an eviction notice ready to deliver.
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