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Tenant moving out and security deposit dispute

My current tenant is moving out.  She painted one wall in the living room bright pink despite the fact that the lease stated, "no painting without written permission."  In the process of painting that wall she also got paint on the ceiling and the adjoining wall (not to mention the balcony but that's another issue). She didn't even use tape or remove the switch plates so all that got damaged.  I am wondering if I can charge her for having to repaint the whole room.  She wants to divide the job by 1/4 because she only painted one wall.  However, we wouldn't have even had to repaint the room if she hadn't done this.  She even wants to split the cost of the paint (which is expensive because it was a bold bright color by 1/4.  What are your thoughts?  I am not trying to rip anybody off but I feel we are out money because of her action that is in violation to the lease.  She only lived there one year!  Such a headache.  Your help is appreciated.
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I deduct the cost of paint directly from the security plus time to repaint. If it is stated in the lease and the tenant directly broke the lease there should be no argument. If you can work out a deal with the tenant then you may be able to cover the cost and end the lease term on a good note with no hard feelings.
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