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Pet & Cleaning Fees

Our tenants moved out 3/9/15, we were able to lease the house (with a 3/21 move in).  Their contract stated they had to give a 60 day notice, which would make them responsible for rent until 4/14/15.  With a new lease signed, do I still hold them responsible for the remaining rent thru 4/14/15?  Also..  They paid a Non-refundable Cleaning Fee and a Pet Fee. Our tenants think we are supposed to deduct any fees related to cleaning and pets from it NOT from the security deposit. I can't find any statutes that say this, but did find something on stating we do... I am confused. Basically they moved out. Did not return the property, as per the lease, to the condition it was rented to them in (which was spotless and yard manicured). We have nearly $800 in damages paid out to get it back to their pre-rented condition, but they think the non-refundable fees help pay for this by increasing their "security deposit"... remember, it's listed as NR fees.  (which we use to prep the house for them)

They can only be held responsible up until the date that the new tenants lease started.  You may use the non-refundable fees and the security to cover the damages and losses, but you must make sure that have all deductions and proof of the damages and cost to prepare the home for new tenants.
For rental fees you charged for cleaning, pets, and security. Cleaning is for simple cleaning like vacuum, bathrooms, and kitchens, etc...simple basic cleaning. Having to spend $800 for rehab and getting the property back into "habitable" form is necessary in order to legally rent it to the next tenant without the risk of having the tenant break the future lease for "uninhabitable" premises. You have every right to not give back the security deposit. Keep bid and receipts for everything purchased and paid for in order to rehab the property. Before and After pictures are 100% MUST DO.  I have worked on evictions, property management, and leases for some time now in Nevada since 2010. If you need help with problem tenants please visit us and our helpful blog at Eviction Services Las Vegas. We are glad to help with your issues or questions about tenants and leases.  Thanks Stephanie!
We have a similar problem but we haven't gotten to the total they will owe after they move out yet. I have been breaking my back for the last several weekends on the landscaping to restore it back to something that looks half way decent. Plants had to be ripped out because there was no way to tell what was a plant and what was a weed. There was not line of where the landscaping ended and the grass began. The lease stated that this was their responsibilty. I DO have before and after pics but I am concerned because I broke my own back over doing the work that I can't charge them for the loss in landscaping that went in right before they moved in or my services in restoring it. Next weekend they will move out and I am sure I am in for more surprises. My husband and I do a lot of the work ourselves. Are  we shooting ourselves in the foot by doing the work ourselves? If we hire someone to come in we would have proof of the cost and then be able to take it out of the deposit. Please clarify how this part works for those who do a lot of work on their own.
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