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How much notice biweekly renter Oklahoma

Renter is supposed to pay biweekly & there is no written lease.  How much notice is required for non-renewal in Oklahoma since they aren't month-to-month, weekly or a roomer/boarder?  I don't want to do 5 Day Pay or Quit (that's how I finally got last month's rent).  I do not want to give them the opportunity to come up with the money & stay another 30 days.   I JUST WANT THEM GONE SOON!  Is the non-renewal my best option? Would it be 2 wks notice since they're considered semi-monthly? I've had no luck looking online & Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Act not specific to my situation.  PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
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I believe 30 days is still required in most states even with a bi-weekly payment. If they do not vacate by the 30th day you will need to evict them.
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