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Unstable Tenant Now Suing Me in Small Claims

I have had a renter in my home that began causing lots of issues:  1) He stopped using the bathroom and come to find out he was urinating and (likely) defecating on my side yard and I have small children living in the home.   His behavior became very disturbing and I have 2 small children in the home along with another couple that rented a room.  I filed an UD to have him evicted which turned into a long drawn out conversation with his lawyer as we tried to come to an agreement and write a stipulation that stated he would agree to move.  In the end, he stayed until his lease was up.  I hired a human waist remediation company to do the clean up of my side yard.  I deducted the cost of remediation $900, a cleaning fee of $45 and $85 to clean the carpet from stains, some of which were actually urine staines.    An accounting of the deposit was sent along with receipts from work prior to the 21 day California time limit expired.  He is now suing me in Small Claims Court for $5656!  Of which he states if for the following:  Withholding security deposit of $950, another $950 for improper withholding of security deposit and current legal fees.  How is this possible?  Do I have anything to worry about?  Advice please.  This is a very unstable character with what I fear are some physiological issues.
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If you have all photographic proof of work done and receipts as well as findings from the people who cleaned you should be covered, you have all of the right to hold security and use it for cleaning. I would definitely present all of this to a lawyer and be ready incase this does in fact go to court. Also do you have a police record or anything that helpd support your case? Neighbors ? Good luck!
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