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How much to charge for move-out damages?

I am unsure how much to charge for move-out damages from my tenant. Example:  they lived in the townhome for 5 years, so I expect to paint for the new tenant.  However, their child used crayons on the wall in multiple places.  How should that be handled?  Charge for an extra coat of paint, if one coat isn't enough?  Also, they burned what I suspect is incense in the bathroom and the walls have a smoky film on them.  How to handle that?  Another thing:  the range is just one year old.  They were very hard on it and top has chips and scrapes in the enamel in some places--not minor scratches, but chipped down to the black part.  How would you handle that?  I don't like renting it in that condition because it doesn't look good, but it's only 1 year old.  IF I buy a new one, how much should my tenant pay in damages for the way they left the range?  Thanks for your help.

You can only charge deductions for damages beyond normal wear and tear. However, any damages that need repairing can be calculated by the price of the items needed to repair it or a quote from the contractor doing the repair. You can also take photos of the damages of proof if it should go to court. You must itemize everything and send your tenant the list of deductions.
you should get a price est. on how much it will cost to repair the home. Example paint, cleaning/carpet clean or replacement. subtract that amount form their deposit; I hope this helps.
Do I deduct from my tenants deposit to clean carpets?
Jacqueline,  I charged my tenants to clean the carpets and deducted it from their deposit because it was a move out stipulation I had in the lease
my tenants removed entire carpeting from my basement without asking us. the carpet is several years old but a huge carpet. am I right by getting a price of what it would cost to replace it with the same type carpeting?  also a cross trainer was there for their use while renting the home, also part of the lease....they sold it. do I do the same there? get the cost of replacement?
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