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Is month by month better

I'm in the middle of eviction and it is a real pain since all of the NJ laws are set up against the landlord.  For my next tenant, is a month by month lease better so in the case of non payment, I can just end the lease and not go through the eviction process? Sounds too easy, am I missing something?
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Well a Month to Month can be better, it depends on the person. The month to month will require more paper work to be signed but there is also a better guarantee of getting paid on time. It might stink if the tenant decides they don't want to renew, than you have trouble finding a new tenant. In turn you have a longer period of time that you are not being paid. If you have tenants that definitely want to stay long term and you offer a month to month, that would be a good option. It does work great in certain situations. Good Luck.
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