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Tenant moved out without telling us in NH

Our tenant seems to have moved out  however will not respond to our phone calls or text messages asking . She actually did not have a current lease,  however always paid her rent. We went to collect rent, it wasn't there and  2nd floor tenants informed us they saw her moving out.  How long do we have to wait until we can go in to the apartment to determine if they have indeed moved out?!  And then get it cleaned up to rent again? Thank you for input.
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You can do this easily by looking for the tell tales signs, is the refrigerator cleaned out? Is their mail piling up? Did they move out or just stay at a new significants place , go on vacation? Gather the clue, evidence and take note. If you think they may have abandoned post a notice of abandonment or start an eviction for non-payment. You can also try to reclaim money owed in small claims if the security does not cover everything. Expect minimum of 30 days. But by all means start prepping and searching now for a new tenant.
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