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Tenant will not pay rent

Tenant gave partial payment for September rent...promised to pay in a couple of days.  He did not.....sent him a certified letter to pay within 3 days or vacate within 10 day.. Now  he is past due 6 days for October rent.   His wife sent a text that she had the money but was not going pay rent and would move in 2 weeks.  I think she is just stalling.  She has house like a fortress.  Will not answer phone, doorbell, there is no access to front door or back.  Everything is locked.We need to take possession immediately....what do I do? Live in state of Texas.

Post eviction notice all over the house. Not only is this embarrassing it is the first step to get them out. You will need to file it with the court to be official. If they still do not respond then once the court knows they will be removed by officials.
File with court tomorrow, the sooner the better.. this will cost you a filling fee. They will then set a court date. You will have to appear at court. If the tenant shows up they will be told to get out, then you will have an a certain amount of time for then to get out. If they don't then the court will send out law enforcement to watch as you move the belongings out if the tenant decides they wont do it themselves. This can take about 30 can place there belongings in a storage facility and then they have to pay to get it out. It is a pain in the butt..I have been there. Sorry you are having to deal with this. We have several properties and I have just gotten to where I don't take any excuses. If they don't pay by the 5th I tell them they have 3 days to get out. If I don't get my money or them moved by the 8th I start the court process. I usually get paid. I don't understand how people can sleep at night without paying their rent. No body anywhere gets to live anywhere for free! And it's sad it takes 30 days to get someone out of a property you own, but that's how the laws work! Best of wishes!
So I did exactly what you should do filed with the court and the court did not kick them out.  Now what do I do?
What did they do?  What happened....pls describe.
Me and my husband just went through this. We went to court and got them served.  After they were served we went to court 2 weeks later.  They judge ordered a judgement against them and they had to move out in 6 days.
After judge orders them out (usually one week if they have kids) and they do not get out you have to: go to courthouse pay $40 and get a writ of recovery; take that writ to the sheriffs dept and pay $100; they usually schedule to meet at property within two or three days. Once the sheriffs show up, they tell tenants to grab what they can in one handful and get out--then you change locks. Legally you have to let them schedule to get their possessions, or if you move it off property, you have to store it in a bonded storage unit for a minimum of 60 days (if you do this they have to pay all the moving costs to get their stuff back)--after that it is your to do what you want with it.
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