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Tenant Moved out Home shows poorly

Help! I am a landlord in WA State my current tenants lease ends this month they are paid through they opted to leave early. I understand they have two more weeks to clean the house however I asked them to be sure the house was presentable for showings. I had two showings last night and the home is in terrible shape bathrooms are covered in soap scum toilets soiled with stains and urine, piles of dirt and debri. Landscaping was professionally detailed for their move in and was to be maintained by them clearly they have not maintained anything weeds are everywhere and I have moss for a lawn now. The showings were awful I could see the look on their faces. This was a nice home in a desirable area. They are costing me a new tenant. Can I do anything or are my hands tied legally until February 28th?
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You could talk to the tenant a strike a deal move out immediately and use their security deposit to clean the house now, or evict them now or have them pay for a professional cleaning and tell them they are to keep the house in showable condition legally because of the contract they signed. They must work with you or you can evict them immediately and sell them on the fact that once it goes to court it will cost them a lot more money than just the cleaning.
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