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Pot heads

had a group of "college Athletes" move into one of my rentals  the parents of every student co-signed for each kid.  Was called  to the home for a water leak and was told that the door was unlocked and to come on in...upon entering the home it was OBVIOUS that the tenants had been smoking pot in the house.  house wreaks of pot, plate with pot, and and ashtray with ashes etc. lying on the couch and table in plain view.  tenants all signed no smoking and marijuana addendum.  my question is... on the addendum it says   " any violation of this addendum, even a single instance, constitutes a material breach of this addendum and may lead to immediate termination of the lease".    Do I have to give them a 30 day or can I give them a 3 day for destruction of property?
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I believe that if the tenant has violated either the agreement or the requirements of your state, the landlord can terminate a rental agreement by giving a notice (for Montana I think it is actually 14 days). Than you could give five days if they repeat the violation. The lease should not be terminated unless there were violations to the agreement, which in this case it was violated. I would cover yourself. Taking pictures is always a great tool that I use as much as I can. I did it with tenants who smoked cigarettes in my rental property. My walls went from white to dingy yellow. I had before pictures too, which helped a lot, I ended up letting them know that It was in the lease and they were violating it, they were kind and made repairs and set up a smoking area outside. Nice tenants will fix the issue before they need to get evicted. I was lucky, Hope you are too! Look up your states website too. They usually end in .gov. See ya!
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