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moving out

We have been landlords for seven units over the past 5 years. We found out last night that one of our tenants does not plan to renew their lease that ends January 1, 2015. The lease requires only 30 days notice, so they are well within that timeframe. How soon can we go into the house to see what repairs need to be done?
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You would want to go in after they actually move or on the day of moving to do a final walk through with them. If they are planning ahead they should be willing to do a final walk through with you to help get their security back as soon as possible. If you go in too early you may not be able to see everything if there is furniture or decorations, etc covering something up. However, you can get early access if you plan on showing the place to new tenants. This will give you some insight on what may be wrong if anything. Just make sure to always give the proper 24 hour notice before entering!
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