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Eviction filing.

I don't know how to file my eviction with the court to proceed. I sent eviction notices for non payment which were ignored, and they are just squatting there. Thanks in advance. Melanie.

You need to post the eviction to the house itself and file a Service of Notice with the court these are the very first steps. The court house will also be able to lead you through the process of getting your house back. Each city has their own rules and regulations on this so you definitely want to check with them to see what you must do.
I will take these steps. Does the Service of Notice have to be gotten in person from the actual courthouse or is this available online? I live 3k miles away from the property and have limited local access. Thanks very much for your helpfl and speedy response. Melanie
i live in texas and i have a renter that is 3 months behind, ive been working with him trying to not evict him but now he hasnt answered me for 2 weeks. What should be my next steps?  Do i serve the 3 days to vacate or what?
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