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Tenant fighting 30 day notice

I have a tenant who has been in my mobile home for 4 yrs the 1st year was on a years lease then we never signed a new lease leaving it a month to month agreement.  Recently I gave then a 30 says notice eso that I could let me daughter live there. They have not paid rent yet and it was do on the 3rd of the month it is now the 13th. I texted them asking for rent with no response until today and they are  telling me they want me to take them to court they will bot.lwave. what recourse do I have?
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Go to court if they want they will also have to pay the court and legal fees for your time. As it is a month - to - month lease you have full right to a 30 days notice and a solid move out date.   You also have proof of them not paying and must have submitted the notice of service to the court so that they can track when it was sent to the tenant. If they are on a month to month you can make them leave. Be sure with your lawyer that a 60 day is not needed. In some states if they are in the unit for more that 2 years you are required 60 days notice.
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