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California Landlord needs help

I have a tenant that gave 30day notice via text on 8/22, I told her repeatatly that she needed to do it in writing.  After dozens of texts from her, blasting me with HER RIGHTS, I received written notice in the mail today.  Postmarked the 2nd.  Now she says shes not paying rent, to take it out of her security deposit??  I don't ant to do that, in case my home is not in order??  Can some one help me!
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In most leases it is stated that a tenant cannot ask to use the security as a deposit. You can let her know if that is stated and legally she has to pay and you will go after her for the prorated amount due.  The security deposit should be used for damages. Now you could send her a notice saying that if all of the house is in good order and you do not need to use the security for repairs then you will deduct from that. Just be sure to have an open channel of communication.
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