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Security Deposit

I recently served my tenant with a non-renewal of lease letter. She is on a month to month but on the lease she signed if she was to decide to leave she would need to give me 60 day notice and if I was to give her notice to vacate I would need to give her 60 days’ notice also. She received the letter on 2/28. She just text me and told me she would be leaving in 2 weeks. She paid partial rent in feb and still owes 100.00. She still has not paid for March. I do want her to leave no doubt but now she will probably just leave and not pay for March. I am not too worried about April I know I could probably take her to court for that but not sure if I want anything to do with this person. I guess my question is, I live in Massachusetts, do I have a right to keep her security deposit as unpaid rent and if so how would I go about doing that? Thanks in advance
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