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Tenant and POA

I have a tenant who is moving out after 4.5 years. We had a great relationship until I came and inspected the house. It is trashed, I literally said nothing about her security deposit, just looked, asked some questions, and left. Anyway, She has refused to communicate with me at all and has since got her thug in charge of her move out. He has been insulting and trying to negotiate her security deposit on her behalf. I informed him that I am not negotiation with him regarding my tenants issues. Anyway, he claims to be getting power of attourney.......I don't even know what this would do. If he gets POA, does this mean he can act on behalf of my tenant? Does this exclude my tenant from her lease obligations? Does this put financial liability on the thug? It is a very weird situation. I think when I get the keys I am bringing the police.   Thanks for the inputs....

He is not going to get POA, that would cost him like $500 to get that set up. Even if he does, he is not on the lease and not responsible for anything. I would not hire an attorney, even if you win in court you will never collect money from a dead beat. In MN "reasonable attorney fees" are $500, which will not even cover half of their cost. Take lots of pictures and get an estimate from a licensed contractor and then pay the $75 court fee and sue her for the remaining damages.
Well he is probably all talk from my experience. Do not be threatened take photos of everything and get a list together of repairs and fixes that need to be made. If they want to go to court and you have everything as proof you will win. Get your lawyer and, although it will burn up plenty of time you will have court fees covered when you win. You only need to communicate with the tenant, this other person unless they are on the lease have nothing and no pull. Good luck with this and if it starts to get to be to much sometimes a clean break is the easiest path. You may need to just give the deposit back, take it a step at a time.
Ok thanks. Haven't heard a word since i posted. She moves out nov 1.
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