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No Lease Tennant given 30 days to vacate

I own a home in Florida Lee county  and had rented out with no lease i now have to move back into this house i've given the tennant a 30 day notice to vacate but they won't move.

In Florida, the rental agreement can be a verbal agreement. If the tenant does not respond after at least a 15 day notice, (which applies since you gave 30 day notice to vacate), you will have to file a complaint in Court and the tenant will be served a summons and complaint. If they don't respond after 5 business days, you can start eviction proceedings.  I suggest consulting legal counsel to help guide you through this process which can be complicated. Good Luck!!!
tenant moved in with parents ans 3 children, parents moved out and ask that tenant be allowed to use their security deposit to move in and tenant would pay them the deposit (450.00 ). Landlord agreeded. Now tenant hasn't  paid rent and states when I'm over that way I will call you. Tenant also asked that she be able to pay on the 5th of the month. Landlord agreed, it is now the 8th.
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