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What is grounds for an illegal eviction?

We have a tenant who gave notice, than withdrew the notice.  She has a lease that requires a 61 day written notice,We want her out, so we supplied her with a non-renewal of lease on 5/21/2015 with a move out date of 7/31/2015.  Well within the range of the required 61 days.  She says we are illegally evicting her and wants compensation because we are not renewing her lease.  What grounds does she have to say we are illegally evicting her?  We do not state there has to be a reason - just that one party has to give the other 61 days notice to the other party.  What are my options?  What should I do to protect myself?  Thank you
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Unless the contract says that the lease will automatically renew for a full term there is nothing illegal about giving that much notice. Mostly 30 days will work. Lease will usually only renew for a month to month lease.  If you sent a non- renewal notice and they did not sign an eviction is necessary.
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