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Returning remained of deposit

My renter moved out 01 May and said he would let me know his forwarding address, but, did not have one on the 01 May.  On 9 May I sent an email/text/ and a certified letter to him at my rental address, with assumption it would be forwarded.  I have not received back the signatisure card and I have emailed/ text/ and called again requesting a forwarding address, with no response from him.  I have a check for the remainder of the deposit and receipts to send him, but no way to contact him as he is not responding.  Where do I stand on attempting to get this check to him?
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Just keep the money in an account, you may be able to put in an interest bearing account to try and earn some extra money on it. Keep all records of contact so that you can prove that you contacted them. It may come down to the fact that they never try to claim it back.  In some states you may also keep the security deposit  if the tenant does not claim it or provide proper forwarding instruction.
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