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Broken lease agreement

In mid July 2014  we entered a lease for 12 months ( July 15,2014-July 15,2015) with a couple who was just moving back to AZ from out of state. Their intent was to purchase the home after 12 months once they had established jobs. In Feb 2015 they started looking & ended up giving 30 days notice on March 30, 2015. The couple moved out the end of April. I was unable to find good tenants to move in until June 15. They claim they are not liable for paying the rent because they gave 30 days notice. They said it was my responsibility to find someone to rent the property per Arizona law. Are they responsible for the unpaid rent?
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Where you on a month to month lease?  If so they can leave with 30 day notice. However if it was a full term lease they are responsible for all months that they were not there. You can deduct or use the security deposit to help cover loss and you would need to take the tenants to small claims to recover the rest.
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