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Storage of belongings left after eviction

We had to evict tenants for non-payment of rent.  They did leave just prior to the Sheriff's lock-out but left a ton of stuff in the house and garage.  Everything has been moved into the garage but how long do we have to store it?  We have heard that California law requires us to keep it for 30 days but we want to be sure.  Please note that we have made repeated calls and emails to the former tenants asking if they want any of these belongings but they will not call us back or reply to our emails.  Thank you for your help!
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Yes from everything that I have known the maximum in any state is 30 day then you may sell or dispose of in any way that suits you.  If you are still unsure, hold it and  you may need to take it to claims court but court action may be unnecessary you gave them fair and legal warning. Have you been able to track them down as far as a forwarding address? This may be the only other means to try to reach out to them before you dispose of their stuff.
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