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California Deposit Return: Move out or contract lease end?

I have a tenant that I served his 60 day notice to end contract. Contract end date was for 6/30/15.  I provided all proper forms regarding walk through, etc and never heard back.  On 6/14/15 he advised via a text that he moved out.  I figure that the date for return of deposit begins at end of  contract and not from the 14th.  I had zero warning and wasn't able to get to the property for another week or so to conduct an inspection.    So the question is..... When does the 21 days start.  The law saws "at move out" but I read that as move out being end of contract, not move out 2 weeks early.  Are there any official laws stating?    Thanks for the help.

Yes the return of deposit would start from the 60th day, legally you would have that amount of time to respond, do your walkthrough and necessary deductions if any are needed.  You can always return it earlier but you do have that amount of time.
Thanks Patty!  Do you know where I could find that info? I'd like to send a link to him because he will argue it with me.
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