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Tenant wants out 3 months early

Hello,  I'm in Michigan and recently leased out our house for 6 months. The tenant called a couple days ago that they're closing on a new house and need to be out by Oct, terminating the lease 3 months early. We went above and beyond to help deal with her requests such as a dishwasher and covering up the fence in the backyard so they don't see the neighbors yard and now they give us 2 weeks notice that they're leaving.  What are our options at this point? Am I allowed to ask for an early termination fee even though it wasn't included in the lease? Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
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Technically they are to hold up the end of the deal. If they do not you may be entitled to the security deposit. You may want to create a mutual termination of lease contract so that both groups know exactly what their responsibilities are. If you want to charge a termination fee you may want this to be included in the termination agreement. I hope this helps, and working with the tenant will help insure that you do each get a fair closing to the lease.
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