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Ga we need tenant to leave smoothly

Our tenant constantly has been late with rent month after month. They caused us to be late paying our utility bills because of their breech of contract. She brought her girlfriend in but never added her to the leases even though I asked her to for almost a year. She had 3 dogs even though the lease said 2. She has had numerous people coming to our house looking for her because she is late on her bills. She had her car repo at 4am that woke both my husband and myself. We gave her 60 day notice to move what do we need to do to make sure she has to be our by that day?
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You want to make sure that the eviction is also started with the  court by submitting a service of notice.  If everything is filed with the court then there will be a quick and easy eviction.  The court will also let you know the proper steps to take to make sure everything is submitted correctly.
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