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Eviction Notice And No Rent

I had to evict a tenant for failure to pay rent for almost two months.  I payed for small claims, but they didn't do anything. The small claims court told me that I had to find where the tenant is currently working and living and pay for another claim.  I refuse to do that since they didn't help in the first place.  What should I do in order to get the overdue fees and legal cost that I have paid for?

You do need the tenants current employer and  and address in order to send collections after the tenant to reclaim the money owed. The court was correct and once you have that information the court will allow for release of the tenant information to collections.
I did all of that the first time that I paid them $100, and they let her setup a payment plan which she didn't stick to. I told the court that the tenant didn't pay according to the plan, and that's when they told me that I had to give them the information again and pay another $100. Why? Shouldn't they have gotten that information when they let her setup the payment plan? Thanks.
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