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Vacate--3 or 30 days? Overstayed Welcome

Greetings, I have a friend thathas now overstayed his welcome by 3 mths. In the state of TX when can I kick him out? 3 days or 30 days with a written notice? What gets me is that a written notice wasnt needed when he moved in! Why now? Anyway, 3 or 30 days?  Thanks.

Did your friend arrive as a guest or a roommate?  Do you have anything in writing or texts outlining whether he is a guest or a roommate?  If it is clear that he is a guest, you need only let him know that his visit is over.  If he refuses to leave, contact the police/sheriff to have the 'trespasser' removed.    If he has established a roommate tenancy and owes a balance of unpaid rent then you can give a pay or quit notice.  If he does not owe rent but you want to end the tenancy, give the 30 day notice.
Greetings, He arrived as a guest because he had no where else to go 28 Sept 2014. He does not contribute to rent or anything for that matter. When he does get funds, he buys himself a few snacks here and there but nothing of the sort goes into the home. We got into an argument when I told him to pack his stuff and leave. H through the legalitize at me so I wanted to know if its 3 days, 30 days (written notice) or simply asking my apartment complex if any of that is needed.
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