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Property Damages

I completed the process of evicting my tenants and went to court and was awarded the judgment for past due rent, but at the same time, my settlement did not include a motion to collect on damages beyond normal wear and tare.  I was told I would have to file a separate motion for this - Grrrrr.  Does anyone know any particular laws I can cite to facilitate my next filing motion.   Thank you all.

You would need to file in small claims court now that the eviction has gone through. You will need your successful eviction record as well as proof of damages and receipts or quotes of repairs.  The court upon winning this will demand release of tenants SS# to submit to collections.
I evicted my tenant and she willingly left by the eviction date. I just met with her for her to review/read and sign the move out inspection with her monies due and she refused to read it or sign it and took the paperwork and left. She then called me and demanded to have all the receipts from the damages I had to incur that was deducted from her security deposit. Do I have to provide her with receipts or do I wait until she takes me to court as she claimed she is going to do. I have all receipts and pictures justifying the damages my property incurred upon the walk out inspection.
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