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Security Deposit And Refunding

In the lease we have that the tenants were allowed to make some cosmetic changes, but it had to be in writing. They did not obtain written authorization from us to paint each of the rooms, and also use a textured paint. Are we allowed to deduct from the security deposit the cost to repaint? They also, damaged the pool lining by not taking care of the pool, so we have to have the wrinkles fixed along with putting it back on the track.  They also cut holes into the walls to install cable and to mount flat screen TV's. My concern is that, I am not sure what is considered normally wear and tear, and what is just laziness on their part, and if we can re-coop anything for these repairs that we have to make.
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Yes, none of what you described is normal wear and tear.  You may use the security and even find compensation in small claims for anything that the security does not cover.
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