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Liven in an apartment that is not well taken care of . Windows in hall way never fixed.  Water is shut off almost every other week.  We spent 735 a month for no central air, air unit, no dishwasher, the laundry room washer and dryers are filthy. We get paid in middle of month and they will not accept payment then. They will charge us an extra 70 dollars a month for late payment. We want to break the lease. We also have bad credit and worry about moving again. Our income is good, he works, I collect retirement, and have stocks for savings.  We have had bad credit due to very difficult times.  Thank You, Christine and David
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What you can do is look into an escrow account until repairs are made, this means you would still pay rent but the landlord will not have access until all repairs are made and to your liking. This is the best way to go if you do not want to move again. If you want out you may consider just breaking the lease with a mutual termination agreement or by simply not expecting your security back . Third option is getting a lawyer this will take time and money.
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