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Landlord's right to terminate lease

I am a landlord for a property in MO and want to put the house on the market. We live in TX and are only renting out the house because we previously were unable to sell it (2 years ago). Our renters lease is up at the end of July, but we'd like to terminate her lease asap and do some cosmetic work on the house and get it back on the market. Our lease has a "Landlord's Right of Termination" clause in it saying we can terminate the lease at any time for any reason (with 30 days notice, we would give 60 days), but I've been reading that may not be true in every state.  Does anyone know if we can end the lease legally? Thanks!
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If it is agreed upon in the lease it should hold up, you may also want to build a Mutual termination of lease agreement that is signed by both parties agreeing on the terms. This, as long as it is signed will help in any court case for the rare occasion that it does go to court.
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