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tenant burned the wood floor

My Tenant moved out and left a burn mark from an iron on the wood floor.  I got an internet quote to fix it at $300 dollars and deducted that from their security deposit.  They are demanding a receipt of the work from a reputable company and wanting to go to court for it.  I have gotten one other estimate for $600.  Do I have to repair it now and get a receipt for them or can I wait until the new tenants move out at the end of the year to fix it?  What should I do to cover myself from going to court?  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!  Rental located in Chicago, IL.
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I would repair asap and obtain a receipt. The repair should have been done prior to new tenants moving in. Judge may rule in their favor (x2 depending on state law) if the damage you charged them for has not been conducted immediatley.
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