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Cannot reach our tenants

We have tenants out of state (in NM) that we cannot reach.  They have not signed their lease renewal (now for 6 months rather than the year that it was previously) nor are they returning our phone calls.  They have, however, made rental payments.  We want to sell the home, and would be happy to sell it to the tenants (per their stated desire to buy it) but they will not respond.    We will follow up with a certified mail with the new lease and our inquiry as to whether they plan to purchase our home, but I fear they will not reply and/or things will become acrimonious.    Question:  What are our options in terms of asking them to vacate the property if they do not sign the lease?
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You may have to go to the residence. If you can not reach them and certified mail didn't work, it sounds like your only option. I would recommend sending a notice to vacate by certified mail so you know it reaches them.
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