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tenant insists she be there while I show to new prospective tenants

I have a tenant that is not renewing, lease is up 12/31 and it is 11/13. I suspect it will be a little difficult to find someone new over the holidays So I want to get as early a start as I can. Tenant is telling me she insists she be there when I show but she works full time and this limits me to when I can show the property. The lease specifically says I am permitted to enter without her being present for inspection, repairs and to show the property as long as I give 24 hours notice. She claims there is a big dog in the townhouse and I will get bit if I enter without her. She had s small dog when she moved in and this larger dog would not be an authorized pet per the lease agreement. If I force her hand, I'm concerned that she will damage the property. She's taken good care of the place so far so I don't anticipate having to do much more than clean the carpets. If I let her limit my access, I'm concerned I will have to carry the mortgage for a month, maybe more without a tenant.  Does anyone have any experience in dealing with a tenant like this? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Never be afraid of your tenants.  If the dog bites you, you can sue her.  Plus if the dog is there illegally then you can evict her.  If she trashes the unit, you have both insurance and her security deposit.  So no matter what, you are covered.  Let her know what the lease says, and ask why she insists that she be there?  She can always lock up her dog if it's a small one since she'll know in advance that you're coming.  Maybe she's just afraid someone is going to steal something while they're walking through.  Assure her that you will be watching all prospective tenants.
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