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renting a room

we own the house across the street from us and use it as a second home ..cook there rent out the 3 bedrooms..We have a male who has resided there for about 8 years He was paying rent at first but lost his job. He asked if he could work for us around the houses and what ever to stay there. We said yes..During the years numerous things of ours have screen. pressure washer. blower . lawnmower to name a few.We suspected that he may be using drugs as his speech would be ahh ahh and tlaking to himself but we could never prove it..he would also sneek in his dauther and her boyfriedn to spend the nights..our neighbor has cameras on the house and would tell us. Recently he had been doing hardly anything..and he got his social security in jan. of this year. 2015. the last of Feb he had a stroke and we took him to the hospital. they tested him and he came back positive for doing Meth. The day I was to bring him home from the hospital march 8th I found 3 bottles on the shelf in his room. the sherriff showed up to see why i hadnt picked larry up yet. I showed them the pictures from his room and the sherriff said it was meth in homemade bottles. She said to get rid of it immediately as it was very flameable. so i did...I told  her Larry was so messy I had to clean up his room the and the living room the other 2 room renters were upset with how larry was.,.then this week I found anothe bottle in the backyard. It was in the process of being made into a meth inhaler. it was sitting on the fince and the guy who I  hired to help me clean the yard aske me what is that? so we have taken the bottle and hidden larry says he wont pay any rent . he cant work for us anymore due to his stroke . so we tole him he could pay $400 a month. he gets about $1500 in social security. he said he didnt h ave any moneyu he has bills to pay. He has medical and has no medical bills and he got a govenrment cell so th at is free too..while wh was in the hospital someone came in the house and took some of his stuff..his daughter took his card and spent about $160 of it. so I cancelled it for him and got him a new one..then I set up and took him to all his doctor appointments as he has no car..but when asking agaiin for rent ..he said not untill my stuff is back..then neighbors saw his dauther and her boyfriend going into the house and one night the boyfriend parked down the street with a u haul and was in the house the neighobrs told me and me son saw it also. I changed the lockes on the front door just in case larrys daughter got a key somehow..larry said Im also not paying rent cause this in not a safe place to live..the other room tenetants said its becaude of larrys meth friends coming and going and his daughter and  nogood boyfriend....we have been very kinjd and nice to l arry all these years and invite him to our family barbques and functions but people tell me that is how meth users are...not apprecitative...anyway we are going to give him a 60 day notice but Im thinking of a 3 day notice cause of the drug use..he said he stopped now but my neighbors and the other 2 room renters said they dont want him renter said he cant bring his 10 year old daughter over to visit cause he feels its not safe now.....what should we do...Thanks

You NEED TO EVICT this guy. Plain and simple and you have all of the grounds to stand on, illegal activity not paying rent, stealing. Put an eviction in for drug use and making of illegal substances. If you can get the court to look at his hospital records and the police officers record of the Meth you will have him out in no time.
I have a tenant who has asked to move.  They have been paying rent for a room they are not staying in because they fell in love and want to move.  Does this forfeit their security deposit?  I have to pack the rest of their things because they can't come till Friday and my new tenant is moving in on Tuesday.
I have it in my leases for my rooms that i rent ...The tenant must give  a written 30 day notice  before moving out..If not then their deposit will be forfeited per their signed lease.
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