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tenant will not move

How do i deal with a tenant that had not paid rent for over a year and is in the hospatial/rehab but left family member in the apartment,also have a dog that deficated all over the property in is lease no dogs allowed ,i retained an attorney but went to court the judge did not try the case said the tenant have health issues that prevent him from coming to court,so we have to refile agian at this time the tenant is no living in the apartment but left family in there what other action can i take to get back my apartment from this tenant ,the apartment is in washington dc area,the courts do not give landlord there just rights yhe tenant always get away with not paying rent,and longer time to move, i am very fraustated at this time i do not thik my attorney is very experienced in landlord tenant issues please help me also referrals to a few good landlord attorneys whom specialized in that feild,thank you and waiting for a response.9/9/2014
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You need to file for eviction with the court, this is the only way to do it as the police will not forcibly remove anyone from the premises with out a court order to do so. If you speak with your local court or an attorney they will know the correct steps to take to quickly get an eviction carried out. The people that live there, if not the tenant are technically unauthorized guests or squatters.
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