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Wouldn't wish this tenant on anyone

I accepted this Tenant even though the reason for leaving was that the landlord didn't want to renew the lease. That was my first mistake no one told me that a landlord refusing to renew the lease was code for a bad tenant. Now I have learned the hard way.  Never again.  Any way Today his "move out day " he tells me he needs extra time like "he told me".  I drove 50 miles for this turd to threatened to let his dog maul me if I entered the house.  2nd lesson no German shepherds or big dogs that can knock you down or worse. The police wouldn't allow me to go into the house even though we had planned for a month for the inspection.  I understand the police they didn't want me to get hurt. But  I think he is stealing or destroying  the place.  Don't I have any rights?????  now what???

Call a lawyer and tell them what is going on and see what they think should happen. Some lawyers will give free consultations. Sorry you are going through that! I really don't understand why people would go to the extent of threatening someone who is giving them a place to live. Don't bite the hand that feeds you!
That is awful.  I know the feeling of having a hard time getting a person out of a residence.  I lost lots of money and almost got to the point where I didn't want to try again.  But I am giving it a try again and hope that this time everything works out.  Good luck with your situation.
Thank you all !   I gave him a notice to vacate and 3 day notice to quit and he was gone Sunday!
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