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Move-Out $ Eviction

I have a tenant that I gave a non renewal of lease letter to on Feb 23rd. I gave her 60 days to vacate which will be April 30th. She is a tenant at will. She currently owes a balance on Feb rent of 100.00 with a late fee of 30.00 and has not paid for March yet. So in total she owes 1230.00. Can I serve her with a 14 day quit notice on the basis? Also I allowed her to temp move in her cousin and had them sign something which says  that her cousin is not going to be added to the lease and is not responsible for any rent monthly and that the current leased tenant and or myself can ask her to leave at any time. I think that covers me asking the cousin to vacate the property ASAP and she wouldn't be binded to the 60 days am I right by saying that? I live in MA and I know the laws are strict I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, serve the notice to quit now it should have already been served after failure to pay February in full.  Get that tenant out now and start the eviction. As for the cousin if they are not on the original lease they are guests and can be removed immediately.
Great thanks!!!!
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