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Tenants obviously moving out, but wil not communicate with me

Our tenants are divorcing.  One confirmed via a telephone conversation that he moved out months ago.  The remaining tenant is behind in the rent, and has told neighbors that she is moving out this week.  I have not been able to make any contact with her to confirm this, but upon inspection, it does appear to be true.  If the house is vacated and belongings removed, the rent is unpaid and I cannot find the tenant to get them to confirm they no longer intend to reside at the property, am I safe to rerent the property, or do I need to follow the eviction process?  (I do not intend to pursue the past due rent owed, I just need to get the property rerented as soon as possible.)
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Best thing to do if you cannot prove that they tenant has abandoned the property is to start an eviction. If they do not communicate it will just make the process easier. File every notice with the court and start ASAP so that you can start readying the property for the next tenants sooner than later.
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