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Monthly contract

What are the pro's & con's on a monthly contract?  I have tenants that are three months behind in rent, The husband recently lost his job and the wife is struggling to pay rent. I've had talk sessions with both numerous times and they made verbal agreements to pay past due rent on specific dates, but never kept their agreement. I just (certified) mailed a 5 day notice. I don't want to get to court and lose my case because of some technicality. I live in the state of IL. Please provide some advice! Thanks

In a monthly contract you have to give them 30 days notice to end the lease. If you are evicting make sure to follow the proper process according to your local court regulations. The Pros of one is that 30 days notice is all it takes to get a tenant out. Con's having to look for a new tenant each month if you do not have a permanent one. If they are not paying rent eviction may be the best route to take as of now.
Wow, thanks for the valuable information Patty! That I didn't know! I cant seem to find the 30 day notice form from the dropdown arrow list. As soon as I receive the new form I am heading to the post office to get it mailed (certified). As far as the local court regulations; I am following the step-by-step instruction from the ez landlord forum on the correct process to evict per Illinois circuit court/state laws.  Now that I have to serve a 30 day notice, this will obviously prolong my tenant "rent free" stay?
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